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    壹万娱乐平台‘No,’ said Lefarge, ‘I must have missed him. But if his confidential clerk is in, perhaps he could see me instead? Is he here at present?’


    ‘Of course, you could hardly be expected to remember. Can you tell me another thing? What time did he take the cask away?’
    When the prisoner had mentioned the address in Little George Street, Burnley had given a rapid order to the driver, and the statement had only just been finished when the car turned into the street.
    The woman hesitated. Then, after a few seconds, she said:—


    1.‘Well, M. Thévenet, I do not think we can get any further till it arrives. There would just be time for dejeuner. We hope you and M. Thomas will give us the pleasure of your company.’
    2.In a few seconds M. Boirac entered the room. He was a strongly built man of rather under middle age, with thick black hair and a large moustache. On his face was an expression of strain, as if he was passing through a period of acute bodily or mental pain. He was dressed entirely in black and his manner was quiet and repressed.
    3.‘Now, Dubois,’ said the detective, when they were seated in his room.
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